Reducing your risk of food poisoning is easy with free, downloadable tips sheets and resources. Download, print and share through social media.

Download, print and share through social media. 

Food Safety Basics:
Four Easy Steps | Is My Food Safe? App Flier | Food Safety Presentation | Four Food Safety Tips for Kids | Booklet | 

Kitchen Sponge Safety | Reusable Grocery Tote Safety | Summer Produce Tip Sheet | 
Flavor, Nutrients & Food Safety | 

Reusable Grocery Tote Safety | Kitchen Safety Checklist |

Know Your Microwave Wattage | Microwave Cooking with Kids | Cooking with Microwaves |
Using a Food Thermometer | Safe Grilling Guide | Flavor, Nutrients & Food Safety | A Dozen Egg Safety Tips |

Refrigerator Calculator | Office Refrigerator Memo | Refrigerator Safety Inspection | 
Keep It Cool: Storage Chart | Food Safety Freezer Labels | Flavor, Nutrients & Food Safety | 
A Dozen Egg Safety Tips |

 Mediterranean Garlic Chicken | Chicken and Plantain Stew | Jerk Chicken Kebabs | Foiled Fish on the Grill |                                              Kale with Toasted Walnuts and Parmesan | Chipotle Lime Shrimp Tacos |

Food Safety at the Grill | Proper Produce Storage | Reducing Food Waste | HFS Motion Graphic Video |
Ethylene Gas | Storing Produce | Read Food Labels & Reduce Waste | Preserve Food & Make It Last |

Desktop Dining | Leftover Safety | Safe Lunch Box | After-School Activites | Know Your Microwave Wattage | 
Microwave Cooking with Kids | Cooking with Microwaves | 

Safe Food Choices | Reusable Grocery Tote Safety | Kitchen Safety Checklist | Equip Your Kitchen |
A Dozen Egg Safety Tips |

Turkey Tips | Holiday Helper | Summer Produce Tip Sheet | Safe Grilling Guide |

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