For Educators

For Educators

Spread the word about safe food handling in the home with a variety of resources and tools to download, print and share through social media.

   Lessons on Food Safety PowerPoint: Food safety guidelines
Download and share this useful presentation on food safety.

  Home Food Safety Booklet:
    Browse the digital version or order hard copies of this free, valuable resource.

   Home Food Safety Tip Sheets:Food fact sheets
Download and print these easy to read seasonal tip sheets for
safe food handling in settings ranging from a backyard barbecue to a lunchbox. 


   Food Safety Guides for Vulnerable Populations:Food safety concerns
Order copies or download the six booklets created by the USDA and FDA that include
food safety advice for populations that are most susceptible to food poisoning,
including older adults, transplant recipients, pregnant women, and people
with cancer, diabetes or HIV/AIDS.

   Home Food Safety Public Service Announcements:Kitchen safety
Embed these videos into presentations or onto your
website, blog or Facebook page.

   Activities for Kids: Food safety for kids
Dramatically reduce children's risk of foodborne illness by teaching them simple steps
with free, downloadable activities.

   Interactive quizzes: Food safety issues
Learn more about proper Home Food Safety techniques and use these interactive
quizzes to find out how safety savvy your clients or audience is during a presentation.


   What is Food Poisoning? pregnancy and food
Learn what the definition of food poisoning (also known as foodborne illness) is and review additional resources
such as how it differs from the flu and what groups are considered high risk.

Food Safety Fact and Figures:Food safety tips
Food safety tips and information everyone should know.


FAQs: food safety issues
If you're looking for answers on how to take control of home food safety,
check out our most Frequently Asked Questions.



Glossary of Terms: 
Review terms commonly used when discussing home food safety.