Safety Tips

Reduce your risk for food poisoning with articles, tips and tools based on four easy steps for safe food handling at home, whether for holiday meals, grilling out or reheating leftovers.

Four Easy Steps

hand washing
Bacteria can easily spread around your kitchen and onto food, putting you at risk for food poisoning. To keep bacteria at bay, wash hands, surfaces, cutting boards, cooking utensils, dishes and produce. MORE ...
cutting board cleaning
Cross-contamination occurs when harmful bacteria are transferred to a food from another food or surface; for example, when juices from raw meat, poultry, seafood or eggs come into contact with ready-to-eat foods, such as bread or vegetables. When shopping, storing, cooking and eating, keep raw meat, poultry, seafood and eggs separate from ready-to-eat foods.  MORE ...
cooking temperatures
Cooking foods to the safe minimum temperatures kills harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning. Don’t rely upon sight, taste or smell alone; a food thermometer is the only reliable way to ensure foods reach the proper temperature.    MORE ...
Refrigerating foods
Refrigerate foods quickly and at a proper temperature to slow the growth of illness-causing bacteria and prevent food poisoning. Use an appliance thermometer to ensure your refrigerator is set at or below 40°F and your freezer is at or below 0°F.  MORE ...